Ysabel Enverga

I am an artist and designer. I strive to impact others and spread light & positivity through my designs.


I loved to create since before I can remember. I was enrolled into countless art classes growing up. As a student in the Visual Arts program at Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts I tried my hand at fine arts, animation, photography, anywhere I could create. I then gravitated towards design and am now a proud graduate of the York/Sheridan Design program. I greatly enjoy Editorial & Book, Typography, and Branding & Identity Design, and incorporating hand-illustrations & artistry in my work.

How would you describe your design style?

Many of my family and friends have made my name a descriptive word and describe certain work to be ‘very Ysabel’. They even describe particular colours as ‘very Ysabel’ since I enjoy using pastel colours in my work. I would describe my design style to be minimal, elegant, and artistic. I believe there is a great strength in simplicity, and more often than not, ‘less is more’. Elegance is something I strive for in my work as well, I am a perfectionist and aspire my designs to look flawless and effortlessly beautiful. I also enjoy working digitally and with my hands. I care about every detail and always make sure to create organic designs that are crafted with care.

Other than design, what creative fields interest you most?

Other than design, the creative field that interests me the most is music. I love to perform and sing, I have participated in musicals & multiple choirs, I took instrumental lessons (piano, flute, guitar), and I am a member of the longest running collegiate a cappella group, WIBI A Cappella. I also have a huge appreciation for other performers and musicians.

If you could learn any new skill or talent, what would it be?

This may not be a new skill or talent since I briefly studied and had my own try at it in the past, but if I could really learn something, it would be animation. I have such an appreciation for animators. I cannot even fathom all the time and care animators put into their work, it is very inspiring. Having a little bit of experience in the world of animation, I know just how much patience and talent is required to make their productions. Growing up with Walt Disney and Disney Pixar movies, it is my dream to be able to create stories and magic in the way those films do.

How would you describe the colour yellow to someone who has never seen it?

Yellow is warmth. It is the feeling of sunlight touching your skin and the feeling of happiness.

Design Interests

Editorial & Book Design
Branding and Identity Design

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Written in the Stars

Written in the Stars

My thesis project began with a passion and belief that “everything happens for a reason”. I then proceeded in gaining more in depth knowledge about Fate & Destiny. My research was framed around the desire to know the future, and the ways people find out theirs. This is through fortune telling methods which were created because we, as humans, have a desire to know our futures. Because of the uncertainty that comes with life, we therefore have designed ways to mimic predictions and entertain ourselves. Astrology and tarot card readings offer some comfort, faith, and enlightenment of the situations happening in our lives. These readings and interpretations give assurances of one’s future, but most importantly, help us realize/discover aspects about our lives so that we may act consciously. It helps us shape our future, accept our pasts, change the present situations, and feel more optimistic about our situations.

Written in the Stars allowed me to dig deeper and discover some things about myself, and learn where I need comfort in my life. Like astrology or the tarot card, I wanted to give myself assurances of what is to come in my life, to stay optimistic about every situation, and strengthen that belief that “everything happens for a reason”. Since our perspective on situations plays such a huge role in our happiness, I hope to be able to empower and inspire people to believe that a joyful and desirable future is attainable. I hoped this project could resonate with others as well.

My final deliverable includes a series of surreal illustrations that are thought provoking to the audience, inspires optimism for a brighter future, and presents the belief that everything in life will happen the way it is supposed to. Each illustration presents a different theme, each is a topic that someone might want to be assured about for their futures: Opportunities & Success, Love & Relationships, and Hardships & Trials. The titles are named after tarot cards and placed at the bottom to mimic these cards. Each name is interchangeable with the themes I am presenting. On the back are “readings” written in the style of horoscopes or online tarot card readings and provide a deeper understanding of each piece (I have included a condensed version of each ‘reading’ below).

I wanted the style to be flat, artistic, organic, and elegant. In order to achieve this artistic and organic style, the media I used were watercolour and markers. I then scanned each piece and digitally refined them. I also ensured that each of my works had a similar approach in composition and design.

Written in the Stars is personal and meaningful to me. I chose to illustrate a girl because she represents me, my beliefs, and my experiences. I can now keep this project to be reminded of this outlook on life and to remember that whatever happens, everything will be okay in the end.

The Chariot

“When a door closes, a window will be opened. Just because you lost this opportunity, it doesn’t mean there aren’t others. This closed door may just be pointing you to another direction. This direction may not be what you pictured, but it is meant for you. It will lead you to more success and happiness than what is behind that closed door. Be patient, and keep trying, be open to new things. Be open to spontaneity and new experiences, even if it is not aligned to your original plan.”

The Star

“Many hardships may come your way or maybe they are already here. A death, an illness, a loss, or just a bad couple of days. Don’t lose hope. Even though you may not be able to see it yet, and everything seems unfair, something good will come out of it. You cannot avoid hardships and hard times, but you can look for the silver lining and find the light. Have faith that soon it will be better.”

The Lovers

“You may have just gotten your heart broken or you just haven’t found love yet. Maybe you have bad luck when it comes to love. Sometimes, you need to let someone go in order to be happy, although you are scared to be alone. All the heartbreaks you experience in your life will lead you down the path to your one true love. All these were meant to happen to teach you more about yourself, love, relationships. When you reach the end of the path, you will be ready for each other.”

Click here or take a look at my Medium profile (@ysabel.enverga3) if you are interested in knowing more about the process of Written in the Stars!

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