Tiffany Peng

I am designer with a penchant for UI/UX who really likes learning about interfaces, watching esports, & mailing all dressed chips to America.


I’m a budding designer who wants to (almost) always be learning in order to build up my skills and self-growth, whether in rain or shine. I like playing around with (almost) all interfaces and have a particular fondness for UI/UX design. Being challenged brings out the best in me, so I’m (almost) always ready to step up to the plate.

I also draw illustrations for fun and (almost) get really mad at video games on the daily.

Favourite or most effective re-brand you can think of?

Pepsi; have you SEEN the design strategy?

How would you describe your design style?

Always improving.

What was the most intense deadline you’ve had to make?

A 20+ page booklet due within two weeks with little to no actual content.

What is the most useful piece of design advice that you have received?

Design what excites you, not what excites others.

Design Interests

Web Design
UI/UX Design
Branding and Identity Design
Information Design

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Pretty Idol Star

What’s this?

Pretty Idol Star is a resource management game concept about managing female performers known as idols based on the East Asian entertainment industry. Your goal is to recruit talented young girls and nurture them to become the best idols in the world in order to claim and maintain the number one spot in the idol business.

For who?

This game is made for western fans of East Asian pop culture who often find the visual aesthetic and packaging of cute, young-looking idols appealing. However, these fans also don’t fully understand what happens behind the scenes in the industry and/or/but don’t like what the industry does.

Why does it matter?

Foreign pop culture consumption may involve possible ignorance to foreign cultural norms. Not fully grasping what goes on in the background may cause fans to accidentally perpetuate harmful practices in the industry they like so much.


The best way to learn and understand industry practices is to “experience” it—through gameplay. While it may introduce some unfamiliar concepts, Pretty Idol Star is not meant to be an introduction for those who are disinterested in or unfamiliar with East Asian idol culture but to enrich and further expand on the player’s knowledge.

See more of my work at the graduate showcase