Takeo Hirasawa

If you are looking for a designer who is organized and at the same time, different from the norm, I am that needle in the haystack.


My creative framework comes from artistic foundations, and cultural puns. The name Takeo means “strong like bamboo.” Bamboo is a flexible grain of wood. A wood that grows fast, gets used in various methods of construction and can even be eaten. As a result, My design strategies are strong, flexible and resourceful as is bamboo. Enjoy 🙂

How would you describe your design style?

Communication & Interactive Oriented

What is the most useful piece of design advice that you have received?

Keep it simple stupid (kiss).

Other than design, what creative fields interest you most?

Film – Animation – Industrial Design

How would you describe the colour yellow to someone who has never seen it?

Happy & optimistic

Design Interests

Branding and Identity
Packaging Design
Experiential Design
Motion Design

Takbook Pro

Project Origin

Resourcefulness is a great ally. One must always maintain their instruments and devices. Handy tools can be applied to a multitude of practices. This piece compiles essential gadgets into a toolkit known as the Takbook Pro. What the hell is a Takbook Pro? The product is ‘your ultimate portable toolkit’. The brand is clearly making a reference to the Apple Macbook Pro. It can be agree that such conceiving of brand identity is more self imposed than designed. It can also be argue that this display of identity is highly commercial and engaging.

The Strategy

The toolkit carries the most essential tools for a multi-targeted audience and most importantly, the handy worker. The Macbook Pro is one of the most essential tools for the average creative professional and designer. One’s creative momentum tends to deliver cultural and visual puns. In this case, the pun is referring to designer tools. In pursuit of acknowledging the designer, this product also questions how to go about executing creative strategies. Not always does a designer require the use of the adobe creative suite. Being tactile is advantageous.

Comprehensible Chunking

How might this product be targeted toward graphic designers? The visual puns are inherent throughout the toolkit. Thereby, each grouping of tools are matched with a subcategory. For instance, the screw driver, ratchet and allen keys are grouped with the ‘twist’ category of the tool kit. The utility knife and hand saw are identified with the ‘cut’ category. Altogether, the individual groupings make up a tool suite. Visual and cultural tropes occur when analyzing these groupings. Each category is labeled similarly to the periodic table. As a result, tools are organized into sections so that even the most novice handy worker can comprehend the use of each tool.

References & Craft

In regards to a visual pun, the Adobe Creative Suite is often recognized for its iconic symbols to determine each creative workspace. For instance, “Ai” stands for Illustrator, “Ps” stands for Photoshop and “Id” stands for InDesign. These, seemingly periodic table reminiscent symbols are effective in defining each creative software. The Takbook Pro’s structuring of affordance, mapping and navigation is familiar to users because of its reminiscence of Adobe Creative Suite and the periodic table.

The hand-stitched leather tool belt can be used to hold multiple tools required for the task at hand. Leather tool pouches are made to be shifted anywhere on the belt to assist all kinds of handiwork. Treat Takbook Pro as a companion when needed, it will always be there to help.

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