Sasha Khan

A community of humanitarians who focus on mobility issues as well as new experiences and challenges are areas that I’m passionate about.


I believe in creating products and solutions that are systematic, coherent and not a façade. The design education and practice really inspire me. My design is inspired by a wide range of things: traditional cultures, quirky things & styles, art from diverse countries’ streets & arts cultures, as well as humanitarian and mobility issues.

Other than design, what creative fields interest you most?

Photography and graphic novel are creative professions to get into can be very challenging unless one is really good at storyline. Also I’m interested in idea developer on creative aspect. For example, I start developing ideas can be any thing- like some one wants an new idea for a wedding card, and new type of board for tea or coffee shop.

What do your parents think you do?

My parents thinks of me as restless and messy person, because my desk is full of clutter.

If you could learn any new skill or talent, what would it be?

I’d be operated a computer like ninja, i.e. how to make a great software in just a week. I’d like to cook like a master chef. 

How would you describe the colour yellow to someone who has never seen it before?

Yellow is mixed with very light-orange and shining bright light. It captures our attention more than any other colour. In the natural world, yellow is the colour of sunflowers, egg yolks and lemons, and canary birds. In our contemporary human-made world, yellow is the colour of Sponge Bob, a school bus, smile faces, and signs that alert us to caution. 

See more of my work at the graduate showcase