Sara Knowles

Interactive design has my heart. I have an interest in user-centered problems and approach these issues in an inventive manner.


I have a focus on designing for digital spaces. I enjoy conducting user-centered research and creating products for niche markets. Often times, I like to incorporate my handmade typography and illustrations in my work. I am inspired by the works of Jean-Michel Basquiat and Lawren Harris. In the future, I hope to become a creative director for a design agency.

How would you describe your design style?

Eccentric and open-minded.

What is the most useful piece of design advice that you have received?

Accept constructive criticism with open arms.

Other than design, what creative fields interest you most?

Creative writing, painting, and photography.

What do your parents think you do?

“I think you work on computers, and you code, and make wireframes. You set up what we eventually see on websites.” – My Mom

Design Interests

Editorial and Book Design
Web Design
UI/UX Design
Design Theory

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Is the App Store Closed on Sundays? Book

This book was inspired by my grandma, who showed me the pain points of today’s technology and allowed me to teach her how to use her laptop and iPad. Using technology comes natural for most of us, but for some, like my grandma, it can be a major learning curve. Not only did she not understand the concept of interacting with a digital platform, such as her iPad, she had some prejudices against using technology.

My grandma worked as a telephone operator, where oftentimes the operators would listen to customer’s conversations as a form of entertainment. This has sparked a fear in my grandma of being watched or spied on – similar to what she did as a telephone operator. To start my research I interviewed her on what it was like growing up in the 40s, using technology in her younger days, and what it was like as a telephone operator. It taught me a lot about how my grandma sees the world.

I then wrote 5 short essays on my personal feelings towards technology and digital spaces. The topics I covered included, presenting oneself online, using Twitter as a personal diary, and what it means to date in the current technological age. The title of my book “Is the App store Closed on Sundays?” was inspired by a real question my grandma asked me when she first got her iPad. I thought it was very interesting. It shows how our vernacular changes without us noticing its true impact. For some it might not be obvious that the app store is open all the time or that the app store doesn’t have employees.

I knew this project was a big one, so I wanted to keep myself engaged with it the whole way through. I really enjoy illustrating and painting in my spare time, so I ensured that I incorporated illustrations in my book. Next, I needed to distill what exactly I wanted to portray in my book. I started off by including all five of my essays, but the spreads became too text heavy. I decided that it would be a good idea to extract important lines from my essays, to make my point in a concise manner. I created this book to be a short narrative of what technology was, is, and what it will be. I hope that when my readers look through it, they will be inspired to ponder and start discussions about our current technological age and how we can include everyone in this journey.

My book “Is the App store Closed on Sundays?” will be displayed at the YSDN 2017 Travelling Showcase.

See more of my work at the graduate showcase