Omar Salama


I am very passionate about design for social good through print and digital means. I have loved film and video production since I was very young and always love to try to incorporate it in my work whenever possible. I love using my film knowledge to supplement my design skills and produce projects that bridge both fields.

What is the most useful piece of design advice that you have received?

To take a break, step back and have others look at my designs

What is your favourite typeface?

Recently, I’ve been into Filson by Mostardesign

Other than design, what creative fields interest you most?

I love film and TV production. Especially design for TV, creating opening sequences and graphics for the screen.

If you could learn any new skill or talent, what would it be?

I would really love to get into 3D motion and graphics for tilting

Design Interests

Editorial and Book Design
UI/UX Design
Information Design
Motion Design

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Reducing Mental Health Stigma on campus

My Objectives

The goal of this project is to create a one stop app that was thought out while trying to understand what barriers may be stopping students from seeking help when they need it or talking to someone when they are experiencing poor Mental Health or a Mental illness on Campus.

The project is not just meant to let people know what Mental Health is, it is also meant to explain the difference between Mental Health Illness and Poor Mental Health. It is meant to encourage daily conversations about Mental Health that will lead the normalizing the topic and eventually breaking the Stigma around it.


Location Services and Appointment Booking

The idea is that the app will have standardized information and games but will also feature an option where the user can enable location services and the app would lock into the campus they are on and be able to suggest resources near them for information or connect them in with someone that can immediately help them. This app will have a check in feature for service such as CDS (Counseling and Disability Services) and MHDS (Mental Health and Disability Services) at York University for example. This will allow students to more quickly and conveniently book appointments with counselors on the days that they are available. The app will also feature an interactive map that can guide the user through the often difficult to navigate post secondary campus of their choice to get them to the resource that they require.

Brain Games

To keep this app as frequently visited as possible, I chose to add a couple of simple brain games that can help users feel better interacting with the app while keeping them engaged. Including this function will also ensure that the audience is more likely to visit the app or download it even if they don’t identify with having a Mental Health illness.


Mental Health is a very complicated topic and what complicates it is the huge amount of Stigma that surrounds it. It stops many people from discussing it freely because of the fear of being judged or shunned, or being seen as ‘not-normal’. The easiest way to counteract this fear is by creating an educated space around people that may be dealing with Mental Health illness or living with poor Mental Health. The application will have an explanation of Mental Health, Stigma, Mental Illnesses and where to find more information about each specific illness, as well as conversation starters that can help people go beyond, ‘I’m Fine’ when talking to each other.

The Final Project

You can find an Invision mockup that you can walk through with activated hotspots at this link.

There is also a video walk through of the final app showing how a user would navigate it.

See more of my work at the graduate showcase