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My goal as a designer is to solve problems and make people’s lives a little easier.


I truly believe that the key to any successful design solution is effective research, empathy, and creative thinking. I am looking forward to new experiences and hope to enhance the quality of life for many people through design.

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Boosting Workflow Efficiency in Construction

Why do construction projects go past their set completion date? Is it due to a lack of organization, financial overload, or weather conditions? These were the questions that I asked myself as I observed the long past due TTC subway station construction project at York University. I realized at this moment that I wanted explore ways that design could be used to solve the problem of poor workflow efficiency in construction.

I began this project with a vast amount of primary and secondary research. I was able to get in touch with some of Toronto’s largest construction companies who were able to guide my research in the right direction, and help to inform me of factors, which determine workflow efficiency. In the end, I was able to conclude that worker motivation has the largest impact on the efficiency and quality of the work done on a construction site.

Design Solution

My approach to solving the problem was to create a digital experience that could track worker feedback, give them rewards for sharing their feedback, and initiate communication between construction workers and project managers. The outcome is intended to show construction team members that their voices matter, and to give them a chance to voice concerns that they may not be able to during their workday.

The User’s Experience

The medium for my digital platform consists of both an app on mobile devices and a web module. The user begins their experience with a short onboarding process, in which they are taught about the purpose of the application and how it can be used to enhance their experiences at work. Once completed, the user enters their dashboard where the can select to input new data for their workday, or view how they have felt over the past week. The module for inputting data requires the user to select a visual emotion that resonates with how they felt during a workday. This emotion is accompanied by feelings that they can input, along with an optional written description. Each team member is rewarded for inputting this information once a day.

Team members can build up points and select incentives of their choice. The reward library availability can change based on the construction company’s preference.

Once data has been collected, it gets visualized into a history log to show team members how they have felt throughout various periods of time, and which feelings are the most reoccurring. If there are any issues that stick out, both the team member and the project manager have the option to reach out to one another through a built in messaging component.


Construction project managers and supervisors use the web module. It consists of a library for their entire team and the data that they have inputted. Through the use of colour and iconography, the manager is able to see at-a-glance how each member is feeling from the dashboard. They are also able to filter the dashboard based on variables such as unread feedback, alphabetically, or based on the most reoccurring emotion selected by each team member.


Construction workers have their profile data sent to the web module. This gives managers the visual breakdown of how each team member is feeling in detail. There is also a chat block that allows mangers to respond to feedback or start a conversation with individual team members. The goal is to create a stronger and more accessible communication between the manager and the worker.

Moving Forward

Construction was the perfect niche market for the Motive product. I was able to test out how the product could boost workflow efficiency in an industry that was desperately in need of this kind of a solution. Moving forward, I will expand my demographic to create a customizable feedback and incentive platform that can be modified to fit all industries of work.

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