Lyndsay Wybrew

Multidisciplinary designer. Problem solver. Dog enthusiast. Always looking for inspiration in new places.


As a designer, I place an emphasis on storytelling and crafting unique experiences through my work. I enjoy creating designs that evoke conversation and leave lasting impressions. Always eager to learn, I have a passion for brand design, editorial, and user interface design. I am constantly striving to improve my skills and push myself outside my comfort zone. Outside of design, I love photography, camping, and dogs. I also may or may not have a collection of dog-themed clothing.

How would you describe your design style?

I would say my style is a mix of many different influences. When I’m in need of inspiration, I often look outside of the realm of design and into everyday life. I think that reflects back to my design style; as with the life around us, it is never static, but always changing and evolving.

Other than design, what creative fields interest you most?

I really enjoy photography and illustration. I always try to have a camera or sketchbook with me wherever I go.

If you could learn any new skill or talent, what would it be?

Currently I’ve been interested in learning more about film photography and processing.

Design Interests

UI/UX Design
Editorial and Book Design
Branding and Identity Design

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Food Proof

How can the dining out experience for those with food allergies and other dietary restrictions be improved in order to make it safer and more enjoyable?


This project began from my own experience with having a food allergy. Dining out is a regular part of social life around the world, but for a person with a food allergy, that experience can become a source of worry and stress. They must trust that a stranger fully understands the effects of an allergy and is willing to take the necessary precautions. This led me to wonder why there is not a set standard for handling allergies in restaurants. I was curious to see if my experiences were unique or if others with food allergies had similar experiences with dining out.


Through my research, I found that my experiences were quite common amongst those with food allergies, with many opting to not even dine out due to poor recognition and handling of allergies in restaurants. Using these findings, several common pain points were identified.

  • Lack of available ingredients list or allergen identifiers on menus
  • Miscommunication between wait staff and kitchen
  • Lack of information on allergy procedures in the kitchen


With this information, I decided that I wanted to create an application that would address these issues in order to improve the dining out process for people with food allergies and other dietary restrictions by providing them with as much information about restaurants and their menus in order to allow them to be able to make informed decisions.


The goal was to make dining out a safer and more enjoyable experience for everyone.


While those without dietary restrictions can use the app, its true value is to help those with dietary restrictions to be able to make informed decisions on their meals and dine safely. There are four key features that create the principal experience of Food Proof.


    Easily create a diner profile with your dietary preferences and view restaurants and dishes that match those preferences. Add additional profiles with different preferences in order to find something suitable for everyone in your party.


    Receive recommendations on restaurants that have adequate food allergy handling procedures in place as rated by Food Proof as well as fellow diners.


    Based on information gathered from fellow diners with similar preferences and the ingredients in the dish, receive recommendations on dishes that will be suitable for your needs.


    Place your order directly with the app, allowing your dining preferences to be sent with your order to ensure the restaurant is well aware of your needs. Easily switch between profiles to order for everyone. Receive live updates as your meal is prepared.

I developed a series of icons that could be used to not only identify ingredients in dishes, but to also set up a Diner Profile in order to keep track of dietary preferences and be able to filter dishes that match those preferences. The profile can also be sent along with the order to make the restaurant aware of any accommodations that need to be made.


The outcome of the project was a digital experience that allows users to create a profile with their dietary preferences that can be used to filter restaurants and dishes as well as be sent with the order directly to the kitchen. Food Proof allows users to sort dishes based on ingredients, ratings by fellow diners with similar dietary needs, and prevalence of allergen on the menu in order to make an informed decision on their meal. The app is intended to provide those with dietary restrictions a resource in order to make dining out a safer and more enjoyable experience.

See more of my work at the graduate showcase