Larissa Ettlin


I went from shovelling fecal matter to designing fecal matter.

What was the most intense deadline you’ve had to make?

N/A, because I’m organized AF.

What is the most useful piece of design advice that you have received?

Step back and see your designs through the eyes of your target audience.

You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What colour would you be and why?

Poo Brown, because you learn to have a sense of humour about it when you’ve worked with it all your life (figuratively and physically).

How would you describe the colour yellow to someone who has never seen it?

Yellow is as bright as a lemon is sour.

Design Interests

Editorial and Book Design
Branding and Identity Design
UI/UX Design
Packaging Design

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The Naked Truth

My final year thesis project focuses on the misleading information surrounding the agriculture industries. Often times, wrong information or exaggerated facts are spread and present the information in a very one-sided manner to the public. This type of activism has lead to many people mistrusting the food products from their countries and has them neglect the people who work every day to feed them.


For my project, I have developed a brand that sells a series of raw food products that would be produced by Canadian farmers, as a way to represent the other side of this issue. Each package has a written fact about the agriculture industries in Canada printed on transparent paper, to show that the brand is “naked” and isn’t hiding anything. The packaging uses a rough cotton paper to enforce the idea that these products are “local”, and it uses black and white print to interest the buyer while maintaining the focus on what’s inside the package. The text on the transparent paper is red to hint at the Canadian market, and uses subtle imagery of the maple leaf in both the text and on the seal stickers. The goal for this project is to educate the people of Canada that our farmers don’t mistreat our animals as many documentaries, infographics, and online blogs suggest, while also boosting business in our country’s produce market.

Digital Survey

To further educate the customers of Canada while promoting the brand, I created a quick online survey to tie into the project. The survey has customers answer either 5 or 10 questions (depending on whether they want to complete one or two sections) on the agriculture industries in order to get a discount code for the Naked Truth products. The purpose of the survey isn’t only to promote sales, but also to educate the users first-hand, without having to preach it. This is done by having the user answer a series of questions, and receiving information on the answer they had just answered, whether they were correct or incorrect. The questions that are used are based off of misleading/twisted information about the agriculture industries that I had read myself while doing my research, which is meant to have the users question the materials that they have read, ultimately regaining trust in Canadian farmers.

See more of my work at the graduate showcase