Jennifer Yoon

Does anyone else like to fix the rag of horrible paragraphs for fun?
I do.


Typeface enthusiast, wannabe illustrator, visual communicator, people watcher, cacti grower, and eager learner.

Favourite or most effective re-brand you can think of?

Anything done by Pentagram

What is your favourite typeface?

HTF Didot & Gotham

If you could learn any new skill or talent, what would it be?

Am I allowed to say Spanish? (Tryna be trilingual)

How would you describe the colour yellow to someone who has never seen it?

Waking up happy on a bright, sunny day having the perfect toast with butter and wearing your favourite sundress.

Design Interests

UI/UX Design
Branding and Identity Design
Editorial and Book Design


The Gap

How many times have you been stuck talking about the same topic with the same person/group everytime you met up with them? Or, how many times have you run out of things to say with someone you don’t know very well, and resorted to looking at your phone pretending to text because it got awkward?

How many times do we see articles and videos on how social media is to blame for our lack of deeper connection and relationship issues?

Studies show that sharing is a fundamental human need. Therefore, each generation created an outlet to reflect this need of sharing. Theatre, radio, TV, and now social media are all channels of sharing that we have created to connect with one another. Yet, all of these ways have been blamed for ruining our relationships or negatively affecting communication skills.

Research Methods

A fly on the wall observation was made to get a sense of how often we use our phones during conversations with the people around us. The results were what I expected; many checked their phone at least once every ten minutes within a 30-45 minute of observation per group. After speaking to a behavioural science professor, I realized that the problem was society’s assumption that social media is negative and I was a part of it.

Fly on the Wall Observation Chart
Visual Essay on Social Media as a Barrier

The Solution

I created a touch and feel book that serves as a conversation piece. It contains pages of quotes and images to guide the user in creating discussion and dialogue that are contrasting to the typical topics of daily life while using the five senses that can’t be used on social media.

A deck of cards with textures, smells, and sounds are included to complete the five senses. The cards add a unique element where the pages will remain the same, but the cards provide an opportunity for new conversations each time it is drawn.

See more of my work at the graduate showcase