Javid Aziz

My parents say I am “high maintenance.” But, I just like nice things. So, maybe you should hire me? (or we could just be friends).


Hey friend! If you don’t know how to pronounce my name, it is okay! I am used to barista’s mispronouncing my name. Although I am known for having an overwhelming personality and a loud voice that travels, it is contrasted with my willingness to help someone when they are in need. An avid fan of minimalism, knolling, coffee, white wine, professional wrestling, and Pantone 306U (also known as ‘Javid Blue’). With an interest in interaction design and data visualization, my end goals are finding new ways of presenting information.

What is the most useful piece of design advice that you have received?

Humans insist that we love simplicity, however we are very complex beings. Good design is often finding that perfect balance between complexity and simplicity. Nothing more, and nothing less.

What is your favourite typeface?

San Francisco

Other than design, what creative fields interest you most?

Architecture and Engineering

If you could learn any new skill or talent, what would it be?

I’d like to learn how to run as fast as The Flash. He could get anywhere in a matter of seconds. But somehow, I’m sure I would still be late to events.

Design Interests

Data Visualization
UI/UX Design
Experiential Design
Design Studies and Theory

Ultralight Beam

Ultralight Beam is a product that helps improve low mood states through light. It was designed with love to help control and complement human emotional patterns.


Youth have a hard time dealing their emotions and often find themselves in environments which worsen their moods. Many deal with depression, anxiety and hopelessness. To find the root of what causes these problems, I looked at the environments that students worked in. Through research, I found that lighting has a significant impact on the way that humans feel and interact.

Research + Exploration

The goal was to find a way which we could avoid environments or situations that worsen negative emotions and states of low moods, such as depression, anxiety or hopelessness. Through my research, I looked at the relationship of space, architecture and light. I learned that it was important to understand where light was placed in a space and how it was being utilized effectively.

The second area that I researched was light’s impact on emotions. I found that emotions are attributed to certain colours. As well, exposure to certain colours of light can cause effects on the body and our mind. I wanted to explore what it meant to look at this a bit further. Through photography, I capture a few photos that deciphered complex emotions that humans might face. Using a slow shutter speed, neon paint and a blacklight, I created these abstract figures that depicted melancholy, wonder and passion.

After realizing how well the photographs had turned out, I knew I wanted to capture the essence of these images and put them together into a single product. Through my research with architecture and space, I wanted to create a product that thought carefully about how the light is emitted and where the product might be placed. I thought of creating some sort of product that a user could place on their bedside table or their desk and enjoy the change in atmosphere as they are transported to a different space. I knew that it had to be customizable, so the user could find a way to change the colour in any moment. Every emotion is complex beyond our understanding and it was important that users interpret that however they feel is necessary.

After listening to The Life of Pablo on repeat multiple times, I thought that the name Ultralight Beam was a pretty obvious choice because of the lyrics and relation to the project.


The solution was creating Ultralight Beam which emits diffused light through a lightbox. It was designed with love to help control and complement human emotional patterns. Its sleek and minimal look are crafted with materials that help accentuate the light beams that shine through. The lamp is not meant to replace a primary light source.

Instead, it is supposed to create a different atmosphere through artificial lighting. It is a smart lightbox which learns from your emotional patterns, your habits and the weather in your area. It learns on what colours, brightness and intensity you prefer. It notices if there are patterns during a certain time or during a certain type of weather.

It works in conjunction with an app designed for your smartphone. The app has three different modes that the user can use:

  • Manual Mode–where the user can set the light to any colour(s) they please;
  • Weather Mode–where the light changes automatically depending on preset settings for colours/brightness that is preferred
  • Party Mode–where the light creates a strobe effect depending on multiple colours that are chosen.

Although it is still in its developing stages, Ultralight Beam could be a way that helps change the atmosphere of personal spaces where individuals are dealing with states of low moods.

See more of my work at the graduate showcase