Andrew Cooper

I dance alone while waiting for my renders.


I’m a digital designer who focuses on type, motion, 3D, and interface design. I value the role of technology in the design process and strive to further my work through experimentation with new media and software. I enjoy injecting detail, humour, and moments of spontaneity into my work.

How would you describe your design style?


What is your favourite typeface?

Work Sans

Other than design, what creative fields interest you most?

Dancing to club bangers and trying new cheese.

If you could learn any new skill or talent, what would it be?

I would love to learn how to produce a timeless dance floor filler for the club.

Design Interests

UI/UX Design
Typeface Design
Motion Design

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Collective App


Good music and dance are key components in a successful party. A lack of engagement in the party can stem from the wrong music coupled with the fear of dancing. Collective allows for party-goers to have a say in the music that gets played and lets them interact with dynamic visuals.

Low-Commitment Signup

Avoiding a lengthy sign-up process was necessary as it might deter potential users and/or waste precious party time.

  1. Add your name
  2. Add the party’s unique 4-digit room code—generated on the host’s computer connected to the Microsoft Kinect
  3. Take a selfie so that people know who you are at the party

Gamification of Song Selection

Rather than having one user with all the power, Collective democratizes the song selection process. Anyone in the room can add their songs to the shared queue.

As each song ends, users will have a limited amount of time to anonymously vote on which song from the queue gets played next.

Finding Friends

Hear a song you like? Like it and save it to personal list.

Collective helps people make new connections by notifying you when others like your tracks. Additionally, it helps everyone at the party gauge what genres are popular.

Changing the Experience of Dance

For many, dancing can feel awkward. Through Kinect’s skeleton tracking, dance is encouraged through interactive visuals that respond to both the movement of the user and the music.

See more of my work at the graduate showcase